Last month we drove from Bay Area down the coast on Hwy 1 to Los Angeles:

Some beach with no one but that couple we third wheeled from far away

Big Sur

"It's like mother nature taking a piss"

We even saw seals at Elephant Seal 

 And stopped at many, many scenic spots

Being the stuck in the car, food lacking people we were, the tacos were amazing. But so difficult to eat. If it was possible to eat such a large taco in a manner that was just as easy as pizza, or heck, even a burger, I would eat it 10 times more often (who am I kidding, maybe just 2 times more often, or 1.5).

Fish was fried (they asked how I'd like it). I got avocado added, and hot sauce. Cabbage made it super refreshing even though eating the entire taco made you feel damn full, but I ended up with half the veggies on my plate cause it all kept falling out. Okay

Our scenic drive ended with a 2 hour drive at Camarillo Premium Outlets, another hour ish drive (? I don't know the time actually), then a very satisfying korean barbeque (up next)


Where's the food Vicki?

Yeah I'll be getting to that next...


Dear readers, breathe in these nature pictures with me please.



San Francisco has been feeding my belly quite well. We started our first meal of the day at a Thai restaurant run by Thai people:

They serve refreshing sugar cane water upon arrival

Minced pork and pork ball noodle soup. Very homey feel

Super flavour-full of lemongrass, thai basil, tamarind, green chilli. Dotted with pork, mushrooms, and thai eggplants. Will clear any runny nose and wake any sleepy person. (was my order hence the lengthy description). Love

Sexy Thai lamb, mango salad

Pineapple fried rice

Grilled pork I believe


So I've been really neglecting this. And I have my reasons:

After work is making/eating dinner, then the gym, or too tired to do anything that requires the computer because I already spend 8 hours staring at the screen typing away... *type type type*

We started another day (of shopping) with some In-N-Out. I got mine protein style (no buns)

My first Cali ramen was rather un-eye opening. But a better one is coming up soon. This place was so not impressive that I don't even remember the name and am not even going to bother to look through my pictures to see the picture of their front sign that I took.

Dear readers, stay with me here!



So after filling our tummies with delicious Thai food cooked by Thai people (how rare in Mississauga/Toronto!), we took the MUNI to Dolores Park.

Only when we were leaving did we see that there was also a bus stop at the top of the hill.

Which meant we also had to walk up THIS (much steeper than it looks here, this was like doing the elliptical on incline of 15 I swear):

The entire morning was super cloudy, gloomy and just not that great. 
Until we came across free Bi-Rite ice cream, provided by Zappos!
Honey lavender was everyone's pick, and no, it did not taste like air freshener, but instead very very good.

Also came across the lady with the basket (of joints and edibles)

And the highly anticipated Coconut Man who carries around a cooler full of coconuts and a jug of Captain Morgan.

He chops off the top, inserts a straw and tells you to drink up (the coconut water), whereafter he proceeds to top off the coconut with a very generous pour of the dark rum.


And got some eye candy too (the two shirtless men playing football over in the middle)

Just when we started to leave the sun came out, and off we went on the MUNI again to the shopping mall.

Never thought I'd enjoy parks until Dolores Park.


No I haven't been cooking much lately because the family I live with here in Cali cooks dinners for me all the time *blessed*

Hoping you enjoy the pictures for now, until I post up some of the thai food in the next reading.

Dear readers, do you enjoy visiting parks?



At one point the guys came here so often (at least once a week) that they were all chummy with the owner and all the waitresses/waiters.

But then they started discovering the other Asian bars (because our favourite waitress stopped working at Sake and went to O-Bar).

And I almost didn't go to Sake Bar ever again, until the guys found out they were going under reno and changed owners as well. It is now changed from Korean to Japanese (no side dishes and no creamy corn on a sizzling plate). Yes, the waitresses are Japanese too!

More upscale than Sake Bar prior to owner change, and food is better (so you can enjoy even if you're sober)

Sashimi salad. A large bed of assorted veggies and a hearty serving of chopped sashimi. Spicy, tangy, sweet dressing with a bowl of rice, mixed like bibimbap. Good

Chirashi. Chopped sashimi, avocadoes, rice and my fave Kewpie mayo. Okay

Ikayaki. Grilled squid, so tender and not chewy at all. So fun to eat sauce was good too. Good

Karaage. Pretty looking but nothing to special about taste. Okay

Nuggets cut on the diagonal, alfalfa sprouts (which are super popular in sandwiches here in Santa Clara). Just regular nuggets, no comment

We had Sapporo and Canadians that night.

No more cloth to separate the booths, they have real booths now
The dolls on the side stayed. The red lights are all new

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We went to SF this week, visited Dolores Park, and a few places which I do not remember the name of (as usual). Food was eaten, pictures were taken.

My SF excursion will be shared next week!

Dear readers, have you made your summer vacation plans yet?


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